Which governance structures should countries implement to facilitate and regulate AI adoption?

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How can sequence databases providing functional annotations remain sustainable as sequence data production explodes?

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And how can we identify the next pandemic threat?

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  • Modelling work that began after the SARS epidemic in 2002/3 has allowed scientists to identify the way the new coronavirus infects humans
  • There are specific mutations in the current virus could potentially make it more dangerous, so it's important we look out for these
  • The same approach can be used to predict which animals could carry the virus
  • Citizen scientists are using these techniques to design potential treatments

And how close are we to this today?

The risk/benefit equation for embracing new digital technologies has been turned on its head

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An analysis of two recently published machine learning algorithms for tracing the source of food poisoning

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A run-down on my first workshop introducing computer science students to antibiotic resistance prediction with ML

Machine learning is helping us discover high-risk diseases faster


  • Researchers have uncovered a new strain of salmonella resistant to all but one antibiotic available in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • This is part of an ongoing process of evolution, which may be spawning more dangerous strains over time
  • This evolution can be detected by a recently-developed machine learning algorithm, allowing faster detection and containment of high-risk strains

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Machine learning could solve the antibiotic resistance crisis. Will algorithms behave as well in the real world as they do in the lab?

A way to help stop the spread of antibiotic resistance

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Recent criticism and praise of foreign aid strategies helps highlight what works and what doesn’t

Nicole Wheeler

Bioinformatician + data scientist, building machine learning algorithms for the detection of emerging infectious threats to human health

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